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45 LIFE LESSONS. Read on...

These past few days I have been thinking a lot about my dad. I miss him badly but keeping myself busy and positive is kind of helping…and then I came across these 45 Life lessons written by Regina Brett and I thought we would all find them useful so I re-wrote them in a Pinterest-friendly format.

I think I will print them too for Mila to read.45 LIFE LESSONS. Read on...

#43 is my motto. I agree with #9. I love #12 (it is so true!) and I dedicate #19 to my mum who kept everything valuable we gave her as gift for a special occasion. Which are your favourite life lessons?


    • I’m really sorry to hear for your loss Hayley. Take it easy and be kind with yourself. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Not that I want to be an expert on grief but I lost my dad and my aunt in the space of two months…

  1. Jeannine says

    These lessons are very usefull. For me: 20, 31, 35.
    Thank you so much,

    Jeannine, Belgium

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  3. Kyron Michael says

    This beautiful list is now a poster in our office, funny how almost everybody who sees it begins to read it and then smiles to themselves.

  4. found through Pinterest and fell in love. Thank u so much for this. Will definitely be sharing these on my blog!!

  5. ropafadzo caroline dzingirai says

    #6 its been a difficulty for me to lose arguements but have learnt something in life we agree to disagree ts not alwayz a win

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